5 Essentials about Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton

1. Edmonton is home to some of the best landscaping supplies in Canada and offers a wide range of options for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space. From stones, soils, and mulches to plants, trees, and shrubs, there is something to suit everyone’s project needs. Various stores in the area specialize in landscaping supplies, major home improvement stores and local nurseries.

A flower bed
A front yard with plants and rock elements

2. When shopping for landscaping supplies in Edmonton, knowing what material you will need for your project before purchasing anything is essential. Stones and mulches come in various colours, sizes, and textures. Soils are available in several types depending on the soil content of your yard. Plants, trees, and shrubs come in all shapes and sizes. Even tools can vary widely depending on the job at hand. Researching the appropriate materials for your projects can save you money by avoiding purchasing an incorrect item or one that does not meet your needs.

3. Some of Edmonton’s more popular landscaping supplies include gravel and stones. Gravel can get used to create pathways, fillers for planters, or even as a decorative element throughout your yard. Stones come in all shapes and sizes, are often used to border walkways and driveways, build retaining walls, make garden features such as ponds or fountains, and can get used as an accent piece throughout your landscape design.

4. Plants are another staple for landscaping supplies in Edmonton. Local nurseries have a large selection of flowers, shrubs, trees, groundcovers and grasses that you can use to add colour and texture to your outdoor space. Trees provide shade from the hot summer sun and are a beautiful focal point for your yard. Shrubs and groundcovers help fill the spaces between other plants and create a complete landscape design.

5. Tools are also an essential part of landscaping supplies in Edmonton. Depending on the size of your project, you may need shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, clippers or pruners, garden hoses and sprinklers, fertilizer spreaders, and so much more. Investing in quality tools is always a good idea – they will last longer and help ensure your job gets done correctly! With some research and planning, you can find all the landscaping supplies you need to create your perfect outdoor space in Edmonton.

- Happy Landscaping!

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