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5 Landscaping Stone Trends to Consider for Your Backyard

Using landscaping stones in Edmonton is a great way to enhance the style, comfort, and functionality of your backyard. Of course, you want to make sure that you’re up-to-date with all the current trends. At Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc, we provide landscaping stones, landscaping edging, and other landscaping supplies in Edmonton. We’ve put together some of the top landscaping stone trends of 2020 that are likely to continue into 2021 to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Natural Stone Flagging

One of the most common uses of landscaping stones in Edmonton is as paving slabs for natural stone flagging. Flagstones are large, flat stones that are about two inches thick. You can use flagstones to pave patios and walkways, creating a visually distinctive and welcoming hardscape in your backyard. The uneven and rugged shapes of flagstones can help create a rustic; natural look that will make your backyard feel like a private retreat.

Decorative Stone

Landscaping stone can help to pull together the look of your backyard in a decorative capacity. Use it to visually enhance your yard by adding some colour to potted plants, accenting water features, or decorating around pathways. Its uses are only limited by your imagination, and landscaping edging in Edmonton can help keep your decorative stone exactly where you want it.

Garden Mulch

Finally, landscaping stone and pebbles can be a great replacement for regular garden mulch, especially in terms of visual appeal. Stone mulch does a fantastic job of preventing soil erosion and aiding in moisture retention. Best of all, stone mulch requires minimal to no maintenance and can last you for many years. You can use it in your flowerbeds and around your favourite plants.

Stay On-Trend with Beautiful Landscaping Stones in Edmonton

If you’re looking to enhance the landscaping in your backyard with landscaping stones, then look no further than Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc. We carry an extensive selection of landscaping stones in Edmonton, including crushed stone, washed clean stone, pea gravel, limestone, decorative stone, and more. We also have you covered with landscaping edging in Edmonton to help complete your unique landscaping design.

To learn more about landscaping stones and to order quality landscaping supplies in Edmonton, just contact us today.

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