Fall Landscaping Tips

Edmonton Fall Landscaping and Garden Preparation Tips

Quality Landscaping Supplies wants to ensure your landscaping project survives the harsh Edmonton winter.  If you have invested time, energy, and money into a landscaping project, you want to make sure it looks equally fantastic after the cold winter season is over.  We have compiled a quick reference guide for Edmonton Fall Landscaping and Garden Preparation Tips and how to prepare your yard for winter.  2020 has been an interesting year.  With Covid-19 lockdowns, many people have spent much more time and effort in their yards this year.  You will want to follow proper yard maintenance guidelines to ensure all your hard work is well-spent!

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow to help protect your landscaping project over the winter:

Yard Clean-Up

Make sure to remove all debris, such as leaves, weeds, and branches from your lawn, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.  Leftover leaves, weeds, and other debris are a great place for pests and animals to settle for the winter season.  Debris in your garden or on your lawn can also promote unwanted rot and will lead to more cleanup work in the spring.  It is also essential to pick up any fruit from the ground if you have any fruiting trees on your property.

Tree Trimming

Fall is the perfect time to trim dead or diseased branches in your yard.  Fall is the ideal time to prune your trees!  Removing dead branches before the snow will also help prevent any potential dangers or damage caused by falling branches.  For proper tree pruning tips, always consult a certified arborist.

Lawn Care

Before the snow hits, try to mow your lawn one more time while keeping the blade height around 2”.  Shortening the grass should help minimize any vole or other rodent issues.  You will also want to ensure you have raked all leaves off your lawn.  A lawn covered in leaves will not absorb enough sunlight, which may cause your grass to get unhealthy before winter.  Fall is also an excellent time to aerate your lawn to promote further water and nutrient absorption before winter.  We would also recommend visiting your nearest garden centre so they can recommend the best seed and fertilizer for the fall.  Overseeding will help reduce weed growth in the spring, and a good fertilizer will give your lawn the healthy nutrient injection it needs to survive the cold.


Weeding in the fall helps reduce work in the spring in both your garden and your lawn.  Surprisingly, many weeds thrive in cold weather in the fall.  Weeds are problematic because grass begins to grow slower as the temperatures dip.  If you have any remaining weeds in your lawn, please address them with either weed killer or manually removing them.  Weed maintenance will help avoid developing a weed problem in the fall, which could worsen in the early spring.

Plant Bed Preparation

We recommend that you properly aerate the soil in your flower beds.  Proper aeration will help prevent water pooling and will also help with nutrient absorption.  All you need to do is carefully turn the dirt in your flower and vegetable garden while not damaging any roots.  Fall is also an excellent time to add fall/winter fertilizers to your garden.

The team at Quality Landscaping Supplies wants to thank you for working with us for your landscaping project.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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