How to guarantee healthy topsoil

Fall Lawn Maintenance to Guarantee Healthy Soil in Spring

The look and quality of your landscaping depend on your soil. If you want healthy soil come springtime, then you can start working on it in the fall. At Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc, we provide topsoil and wholesale sod in Edmonton. We also provide all the landscaping supplies and tips you need to help guarantee a beautiful lawn. Here are some pointers for fall lawn maintenance.

Step 1 – Dethatching

Over the spring, summer, and fall, a layer of debris builds up on top of the soil in your yard. It can harm your lawn by blocking access to moisture and other nutrients. Thankfully, all you need to dethatch your lawn is a rake. A specialized dethatching rake is the best option, but any rake can get the job done with a little elbow grease.

Step 2 – Core Aeration

After dethatching, it’s a good idea to use a lawn aerator to core aerate your lawn. Core aeration removes cores of soil, leaving small holes behind. There are numerous benefits to mechanical core aeration. It both reduces soil compaction and makes it easier for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more deeply into the soil.

Step 3 – Topsoil Application

The top two inches of soil on your lawn is known as the topsoil. It is responsible for holding a good deal of the nutrients needed for a healthy lawn. The best time to apply a new layer of topsoil in Edmonton is after your lawn has been aerated.

Step 4 – Fertilizing

Fall is a great time to apply fertilizer, as it allows the nutrients to be absorbed into the soil over the winter, encouraging the growth of a greener lawn come springtime. The best time to apply fall fertilizer is about two to three weeks before the first frost.

Step 5 – PH Testing

Most lawn grasses and plants grow best in neutral soil, which is why it is important to test your soil’s PH level. To test your lawn, take a few samples of soil from different areas and mix them with distilled water. Then, take a PH test strip and hold it in the mixture for about 30 seconds. If the strip indicates that the soil is too acidic, you can help balance it out by adding lime. For soil that is too basic, sulphur is the most common amendment.

Step 6 – Sod Installation

Finally, the fall is an ideal time to lay sod, especially because you can get a great deal on wholesale sod in Edmonton. As the grass prepares for winter, the roots grow deep into the soil, helping the sod establish. Then, in the spring, your grass will start to grow again much faster.

Topsoil and Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton

Your soil is the foundation of your lawn. You can count on Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc. to get you all set up with topsoil, wholesale sod, and landscaping supplies in Edmonton. Property owners have been trusting our products and services for over 15 years. We carry only the best materials to guarantee the best results.

To find out more about fall lawn maintenance or to order landscaping supplies in Edmonton, just contact Quality Landscaping Supplies Inc. today.

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