Fantastic Landscaping Ideas for the Homeowner With A Small Yard

Homes with small yards can still have a beautiful exterior. This guide explores some of the best landscaping ideas for this type of property. 

Do you have a small yard that feels like a waste of space or a pointless addition to your home? It’s common these days for properties to be built without the grand backyards of the past. But, using the right landscaping ideas, you can maximize the potential of these areas. Here are some of the best ideas.

small landscaped area

Perceptive Tricks

If you are exploring resale opportunities or want to impress guests, you may be keen to ensure that your small yard looks and feels significantly more spacious. You can do this with the right landscaping options. 

For instance, you should lay tiles or paving stones diagonally across the space. This visual trick draws the eye line to the corners of the space instead of the center area. The same trick is used to make bathrooms appear more significant and is just as effective outside your home. 

Using landscaping to add different sections to your garden can also be a great way to make it seem larger. For instance, you can have a space for dining, relaxing, serenity, flowers, and shrubs. 

Utilize the Right Lighting

Lighting can be another critical element of your landscaping plans when renovating and improving a small garden space. 

Layered lighting will ensure that your yard feels more grand and vibrant. At the same time, you can use lighting to draw attention to specific features such as a unique sculpture, beautiful foliage or a dining area. 

It is vital to use the proper lighting. Certain lights such as lanterns can cast dark shadows and make your yard seem smaller once the sun sets. Patio lighting is a more practical choice because it provides an equal level of brightness across an entire space. 

Layer Your Yard

You should consider adding layers to your garden if you have limited yard space. Layers will allow you to make the most out of the vertical space that your yard provides. With the right supplies, you can make this a DIY project. For instance, you might want to use wooden planks to create a vertical flower bed as part of your yard space. If you are not interested in a new DIY project, you can also purchase these pre-made. 

Adding layers can also significantly add to different levels for your garden area. This is often used to add extra curb appeal to a property and ensure that it stands out on the street. 

small garden landscaping

Use The Corner Of Your Yard Effectively

To elevate the potential of a small yard, you need to use the corner spaces effectively. Adding a unique feature to the corner of your yard is another way to draw attention to this area. 

For instance, you could add a floating deck. A deck doesn’t need to be connected to the property itself. It can be wholly separate and ensure that your yard looks incredible. You can add a wide range of different pieces of furniture to this space to ensure that it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a wonderful morning with your family. 

Another feature worth considering would be a pool or a pond. Again, the right small pool or pond can make the most of unused space at the corner of the garden and leave the area in the middle of the yard free. An in-ground pool may not be helpful for swimming, but it can be excellent for chilling on a hot day. 

Alter The Indoor-Outdoor Boundary

Instead of accentuating your yard space, you could focus on eliminating the boundary between your interior and exterior. Doing so can ensure that both feel more extensive and more open. You could add a patio or deck space right outside the doors to the back of your home. When these doors are available, the change from the inside to the outside can barely be noticeable. This can also be the perfect setup for an outdoor kitchen area in your small yard. 

We hope you love these ideas and try them for yourself. These landscaping options ensure that your small yard looks great and provides the practical benefits you want. It’s just a matter of getting the right tools, supplies and support for this reinvention. 

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