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If you want your residential or commercial property to look sharp and neat, Quality Landscaping Supplies can help you with the tools for landscape edging at our Edmonton location. Not only do we supply the top-quality sod, soil, and seed to lay the foundation of a beautiful lawn or boulevard turf, but we also have the products to keep your landscaping faithful to the design you installed. Whether you have a solid area of grass or complex patterns of plantings, proper landscape edging along the borders will keep grass from spilling onto your walkways, sidewalks or flower beds.

Set Your Boundaries with Versatile Landscape Edging in Edmonton

The suitable edging materials and accessories will save you effort during installation while making your lawn care tasks easier all through the mowing season. Good edging products also give you design flexibility, even around the most creative garden and flower beds in tight spaces like boulevards, garden paths, walkways, and trees.

As our tried and true landscape edging at Edmonton’s Quality Landscaping Supplies, Royal Diamond lawn edging from Valley View Industries is the complete package for self-installation, including generously long edging strips, engineered connectors, durable stakes, and full instructions. Set your edges straight or curve them around, Royal Diamond edging products stand up to time and the elements. Manufactured in the USA, all Valley View products are recycled.

DIY Landscape Edging Installation

Installing plastic landscape edging is actually an easy task that should only take an afternoon depending on the amount of space you are working with. Having the right tools ready is the first step: tape measure; marking chalk or spray paint; shovel or trench digging tool; wheelbarrow; garden hose; and, of course, the edging and stakes. The rest of the steps are straightforward whether you are edging in straight lines or around curves:

  • Mark and measure the area you want to edge
  • Buy the lengths, stakes or packaged kits you need plus a little extra (our staff will help)
  • Dig a narrow, loose trench along your marked lines 4 to 6 inches deep
  • Save the soil to put back into place around your edging to reinforce it
  • Push the edging down into the trench until only ¼ or ½ inch shows above the soil line – to avoid tripping
  • Hold curving sections in place with landscaping stakes
  • Fill the empty spaces in your trench with the saved soil – no holes or gaps for a firm hold
  • Water the edging on both sides – look for more gaps and fill them with soil and water again

You are done but if you need help or have questions before, during after installation, feel free to call us about your landscape edging project in Edmonton.

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