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Landscaping Rocks in Edmonton

High Quality Landscaping Stones & More 

Using rocks, stones, and gravel is a great way to bring a unique touch to your landscaping project. Gravel and stones have a more natural and organic look, which gives your garden an elegant touch. Unlike concrete or brick, gravel can be moved or completely removed if you decide to change your design later. Stones, rocks, and gravel also allow for better drainage and come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Contact Us Today!

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    Landscaping rocks often provide the required finishing touches to a landscaping project.  Whether they are used for pathways or artistic flower beds, choosing the proper rock and stone for your project can be a difficult choice.  The team at Quality Landscaping Supplies has been providing expert advice for over 20 years.  Give us a call or visit our yard to see our wide selection of rock and stone.  We are confident you will find the right mix of products to complete your vision! Call Us Today!

    Decorative Rocks

    Quality Landscaping Supplies also offers a variety of large decorative rocks and stones, which can act as the perfect accent or centrepiece for your landscaping project.  Visit our yard anytime to see our full selection.  As with all other products from Quality Landscaping Supplies, we provide city-wide delivery Edmonton and surrounding areas.

    Landscaping Rocks in Edmonton

    Types of Gravel for Your Edmonton Home

    When it comes to gravel, not all stones are alike. The gravel you use on your driveway is different from gravel you can use for landscaping projects. Below are the different types of gravel and what their purpose is. Consult our experts and chose the right kind of gravel for your project the first time. Contact Us for a Free Quote!

    crushed stone

    This type of gravel is often best for driveways. It is screened and sized, so it is ideally suited for construction and is typically limestone. It comes in gray and white hues and can also be used in landscaping or as the first level base for paving stones.   Crushed stone gravel can provide a natural look to your project. 

    washed clean stone

    Washed clean stone is similar to crushed stone, except it is free of impurities. You get the pure rock without any material or debris in the gravel.  This type of gravel is used to accent different parts of a landscaping project such as in flower beds or transitions from grass to walkways or gardens.

    pea gravel

    Pea gravel for landscaping projects is characterized by its small, round, and smooth appearance. It also comes in multiple colours, as opposed to merely white and gray. The texture and colour are what stands out and makes it great for landscaping.  Pea gravel can be used for various applications such and gravel driveways, reliable weed control, or to fill gaps between stones in a walkway

    If you are looking for high-quality rock, stones or gravel, look no further than Quality Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton.  Call our team today for a free quote! Contact Us for a Free Quote


    washed rock

    pea gravel

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $105.00

    washed rock

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $95.00

    alberta rainbow

    1/2″ to 3/4″ Alberta Rainbow

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $117.00

    3/4″ to 1 1/2″ Off White Rock

    BAG $10.00 | YARD $110.00

    3/4″ to 1 1/2″ Alberta Rainbow

    BAG $11.00 | YARD $129.00

    AB River Rock

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $115.00


    4″-12″ Fieldstone Rock

    BAG N/A | YARD $125.00

    2″ – 4″ Rainbow

    BAG N/A | YARD $120.00

    1.5” Creekstone

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $104.00

    decorative stone


    $0.30 / lb.


    $0.60 / lb.

    *1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. at 2″ deep
    *We are not responsible for any damage beyond the curb line

    *Dumping under power lines is prohibited

    *Dump trucks require a minimum of 12 feet



    3/8″ minus Limestone

    BAG $9.00 | YARD $130.00

    1″ Limestone

    BAG $10.00 | YARD $140.00

    2″ Limestone

    BAG $10.00 | YARD $140.00

    3-6” Limestone

    BAG N/A | YARD $140.00

    3/4″ Midnight Blue Limestone

    BAG $10.00 | YARD $140.00


    1″ Red Shale

    BAG $11.00 | YARD $220.00

    Baseball Shale

    BAG $11.00 | YARD $250.00

    specialty rock

    Lava Rock Red

    BAG $12.00 | YARD $240.00

    Lava Rock Black

    BAG $12.00 | YARD $240.00

    Rundle Rock 1 ½”

    BAG $11.00 | YARD $220.00

    Rundle Rock 3/4″

    BAG $11.00 | YARD $210.00

    Rundle DUST

    BAG $10.00 | YARD $175.00

    California Rainbow 1 ½”

    BAG $14.00 | YARD $245.00


    BAG $12.00


    BAG $25.00

    All rock material is bagged in 14″-26″ bags weight approx. 50lb-65lb per bag
    ** Prices subject to change without notice
    ** GST not included in above prices


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