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Landscaping Fabric & More in Edmonton.

Quality Landscaping Supplies is Edmonton’s premier supplier of high-quality weed-control fabric and aluminum landscaping edging.  When completing a large landscaping project, sometimes the supplies we forget are the little things. From storage barrels and pails to edging stakes, don’t forget those small details. And don’t forget grass seed! Call us at 780-488-8655 if you have any questions on our miscellaneous landscaping products. Contact Us Today!

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Landscaping Edging Tips

Proper landscaping edging has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your landscaping project.  Quality Landscaping Supplies has a large selection of flexible coiled aluminum edging that is perfect for helping create separation between your lawn and garden.  Aluminum edging has the advantage of being lightweight but also very durable.  When designing your project, ensure that the edging will be installed on smooth, gradual curves as edging is not easy to install on sharp curves.

other landscaping products

fabric pins

$0.25 each

Grass seed


4 x 100 Fabric (5 oz)


4 x 250 Fabric (5 oz)


6 x 250 Fabric (5 oz)


3 x 50 Fabric (5 oz)


3 x 100 Fabric (5 oz)


Landscaping edging

60Ft Coiled Edging no stakes


20Ft Coiled Edging no stakes


10″ Nails

$0.70 each

Edge Pro (8ft)


Edging with Stakes (20ft)


Stakes for Edging

$1.50 each

** Prices subject to change without notice
** GST not included in above prices

Landscaping Fabric Tips

Landscaping fabric provides a strong barrier against un-wanted weed growth in your flower garden.  Quality Landscaping Supplies offers various sizes of weed-control fabric that works perfectly with either bark nuggets or mulch to provide an aesthetically pleasing weed-control barrier for your garden.  See below for a step-by-step guide for proper installation of weed-control landscaping fabric:

  • Ensure all the plants you want in the desired area have been planted
  • Clear your space of existing weeds
  • Till the soil in the area, you will be applying the landscaping fabric
  • Using a rake, level the ground to a smooth, even layer
  • Lay the landscaping fabric down over desired area overlapping sections of fabric by 10-12 inches
  • Cut holes in the fabric to allow plants to come through. Leave at least 2-3 inches around the base of plants to allow for moisture absorption
  • Install stakes or pins to hold the fabric in place
  • Cover the landscaping fabric with a minimum of 2 inches of bark nuggets or mulch.


Quality Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton provides high-quality landscaping accessories to help you complete your landscaping project.  Give our team a call anytime with questions.  We look forward to hearing from you! Call Us Today!

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Landscaping Edging and Landscaping Fabric in Edmonton
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We carry a large selection of landscaping fabric, landscaping edging, and much more to help you complete your project. Contact the locally-owned team at Quality Landscaping Supplies today to place your order!