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Mulch helps add perfect finishing touches to any landscaping project. Quality Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton has many mulches and bark chips to choose from.  We offer mulch by the bag or by the yard. Both are available for either pick-up or delivery. Give the team at Quality Landscaping Supplies a call today. We will help you select the best products for your project!

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    Landscaping Applications for Mulch

    Bark and mulch have several benefits for your lawn and garden including:

    • Protecting your soil’s moisture
    • A layer of bark or mulch can be excellent protection from weeds and plant diseases.
    • It also insulates the soil throughout the year
    • Can be used to create great aesthetic accents for your landscaping project

    It would be best if you chose the right mulch for your project.  If you apply mulch to a garden or at the base of a tree, you want to make sure that you select an organic mulch such as wood chips or bark.  As the mulch decomposes throughout the year, it will add a tremendous amount of nutrients to your soil, which will help with the health and vitality of your plants and trees.  Because mulch decomposes faster than larger bark nuggets, you will need to replace or replenish your layer of mulch annually.

    Quality mulch in Edmonton

    bark chips & mulches

    Large bark nuggets

    BAG $11.50 | YARD $105.00

    Medium bark nuggets

    BAG $11.50 | YARD $105.00

    Acreage Mulch

    BAG $9.50 | YARD $44.00

    Black Mulch

    BAG $9.50 | YARD $75.00

    Cedar Mulch

    BAG $9.50 | YARD $65.00

    Premium Fir and Hemlock Mulch

    BAG $10.50 | YARD $80.00

    * 1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. at 2″ deep
    * We are not responsible for any damage beyond the curb line
    * Dumping under power lines is prohibited
    * Dump trucks require a minimum of 12 feet

    21″ x 36″ Mulch bags

    ** Prices subject to change without notice
    ** GST not included in above prices

    Brown, Red & Black Dyed Mulch

    Creative Colour Choices.

    The trend of using dyed mulch in landscape beds emerged early in the 21st century.  Dyed brown, red and black mulches became shrub and flower beds’ most commonly used colors.  More and more homeowners began requesting dyed mulches. Why? Because those mulches hold their color longer and don’t fad or “bleach out” as fast as natural wood mulch products.

    Mulch dyeing process:

    1. Regular mulch is stockpiled to the rear of the machine.
    2. A front loader dumps regular mulch into the hopper.
    3. Colorant is mixed with water and sprayed onto the mulch.
    4. Dyed mulch travels up a conveyor onto a stockpile.

    Regular vs Dyed Mulch

    Regular shredded mulch is less expensive (30% to 40% cheaper) but fades to a gray color after just one or two months in the sun. Dyed mulches hold their color through the summer and often into the following year, with minimal color loss. This provides better long-term value.

    Is Mulch Colorant Safe?

    The colorant in the photo above is formulated to be non-toxic to animals and plants. Check with your mulch supplier for complete details on the product label when ordering dyed mulches.

    Will Mulch Dye Rub Off?

    These colorants tend to “set” once the mulch has been spread and given some time to dry. Until then, colorants can rub off on hands, clothes, and pavement. Our mulches are made with spruce chips (no recycled pallets are used in our mulching).  Bill’s recommendation: Work with dyed mulches on a dry day when there is no rain in the forecast. This allows the color to “set” before the rain can wash some mulch dye off.

    We are the only supplier locally that dyes the mulch on-site; give us a call or come down and check out our in-stock product.

    All of our mulches are dyed in-house!
    How much mulch do I Need?

    How much mulch you need to use depends on the application you are using it for.  We recommend installing a layer 1-2 inches thick if you use mulch for purely decorative purposes.  If you use mulch as weed control, you will want to apply at least 2-4 inches of mulch to help stifle and prevent invasive weed growth.  Combining mulch with landscaping fabric is the best-proven method for weed control.

    Mulching Tips:

    • Keep mulch several inches away from the base of trees to prevent potential issues caused by rot. Make sure not to mound mulch around the bottom of a tree or plants
    • Adding a new layer of mulch in the fall can help insulate plants in the winter
    • Once you’ve started mulching your garden, continue with it year-after-year for best plant health
    • Leave a gap around the base of flowers and plants

    If you have any mulching questions related to choosing the right product or proper application, please don’t hesitate to call our team at Quality Landscaping Supplies.  We are always here to help! Call Us Today!

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