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Screened Topsoil in Edmonton

High-quality soil is the foundation for all landscape work.  Without the best soil possible, your sod, plants, trees, or flowers will not grow and flourish to their best potential.  The team of experts at Quality Landscaping Supplies will work with you to select the best soil for each aspect of your landscaping project.  You always want to ensure that you are using the right type of soil, whether it is for new sod, a flower garden, or a vegetable garden. 

As this is a natural product, there may be traces of weed seeds within the soil; it is not a guaranteed weed-free product. Although it is screened, weed seeds cannot be removed entirely in the screening process, along with other small unwanted ingredients. For truly weed-free soil, the soil must be heat-treated.  Afterwards, microorganisms and nutrients lost in the heating process just be re-introduced. Contact our team; we are always here to help. Call Us Today!

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    QUality Edmonton Topsoil

    Quality Landscaping Supplies owns its topsoil screeners resulting in high-quality topsoil for your landscaping project.  Screened topsoil is soil that has been processed through a screener to remove all debris.  This debris can include rocks, roots, branches, and hard dirt clumps.   Screened topsoil is ideal for all landscaping purposes because once screened, the soil is loose, which allows for more natural plant growth, water flow, and drainage.

    Our topsoil is perfect for your garden, sod, flowerpots, and all other jobs requiring high-quality soil!  You always want to be sure that you are using the right type of soil for each part of your landscaping project.  In limited cases, using unscreened topsoil might work, but for most landscaping applications, having a high-quality screened topsoil will make your project easier and more successful. Call Us Today with Questions!

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    BAG $4.00 | YARD $26.00


    BAG $5.00 | YARD $49.00


    BAG $4.50 | YARD $35.00


    BAG $5.50 | YARD $55.00


    BAG $6.00 | YARD $46.00


    BAG $5.00 | YARD $50.00


    BAG $5.00 | YARD $35.00


    BAG $4.00 | YARD $50.00


    BAG $4.50 | YARD $40.00


    BAG $5.00 | YARD $67.00


    $0.51 / sq. ft. 


    BAG $5.00 | YARD $45.00




    10 SQ. FT. PER ROLL | $5.10

    Best screened topsoil in Edmonton
    • Please Note: Garden Mix nutrient product’s such as Compost and Peat Moss are of lesser weight 
    • 1 yard covers 100 sq. ft. at 2″ deep
    • We are not responsible for any damage beyond the curb line
    • Dumping under power lines is prohibited
    • Dump trucks require a minimum of 12 feet
    • All topsoil & soil mixes are in 14″x26″ size bags & weigh approx. 40 lbs
    • Prices subject to change without notice
    • GST not included in above prices

    Best Topsoil to Use for Sod

    Does your landscaping project include the installation of sod?  If so, you want to make sure that you use the right type of soil to give your sod the best chance of survival.  The sod must be able to establish a strong root base into the ground.  If you are working with an un-even work area, you may use some un-screened soil for levelling.  But afterward, you must install a layer of high-quality screened topsoil that is at least 6 inches deep.  Grassroots typically grow 4-6 inches, so having a 6-inch layer of screened topsoil will allow your sod to develop a healthy root system.  The high-quality screened topsoil will allow for efficient root growth and will also allow for easy nutrient absorption and water drainage.

    Suitable Application for Un-Screened Topsoil

    Un-screened topsoil has simply been excavated from a site and has received no further processing.  This soil will contain rocks of various sizes, sticks, roots, and various other forms of debris.  The only genuinely suitable application for un-screened topsoil is for levelling large areas of your project or filling in low lying areas that require a large amount of soil.  We do not recommend using unscreened topsoil for any application related to gardening.  If you plan to use soil for a garden, flower bed, vegetable garden, or tree planting, we encourage all homeowners and landscapers to use debris-free screened topsoil to yield the best possible results for your project.

    If you are looking for the best quality topsoil in Edmonton, look no further than Quality Landscaping Supplies.  Call our team today to place your order and to arrange delivery! Call Us Today!

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    Looking for the best screened-topsoil in Edmonton? Contact the team at Quality Landscaping Supplies today! We also supply garden mix, bedding sand, road crush, compost, peat moss, clay, garden sand, fill sand, play sand, sod, and screened clay.