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Should I Use Screened Topsoil in Edmonton?

Are you considering a large landscaping project for your home or business in Edmonton?  If so, to ensure your grass, plants, trees, and custom landscaping projects look their best, you must choose the best soil for the job.   Edmonton Topsoil is the foundation for all landscaping projects.  Therefore, selecting the suitable topsoil is a crucially important decision.  If you complete your landscaping project atop the wrong soil, you increase your chances of having unhealthy sod, plants, or trees.  Topsoil plays a critical role in the success of your landscaping project.  Some of the primary functions of topsoil include:

  • Providing nutrients for the sod, plants, or trees
  • The soil must allow for proper water drainage to avoid pooling
  • The soil must also allow for appropriate moisture retention to feed the roots

Before you embark on your landscaping project in Edmonton, make sure to consult the experts at Quality Landscaping Supplies.  Our team will help you choose the right topsoil for your project.

What is Screened Topsoil?

Topsoil has many landscaping applications.  Topsoil is great for use as the foundation for new sod, garden boxes, or planting trees.  The applications for topsoil are endless.  Selecting suitable topsoil for each part of your project is especially important.  Plants, trees, and grass grow best in soil with limited obstacles.  If your topsoil becomes saturated in debris such as rocks, twigs, and roots, it is difficult for grass, plants, and trees to penetrate the soil and establish a healthy root system.

The topsoil screening process involves using machines and equipment that separates and filter pure, clean topsoil from debris such as rocks, roots, and other debris.  The device uses a large vibrating screen that allows the soil to pass but not debris.  We then ship the screened topsoil to our facility in Edmonton, ready for customer orders for either pick-up or delivery!

Quality Landscaping Supplies owns and operates our screening locations around Edmonton.  Take a look to see our current screening location here.

Applications for Screened Topsoil

If your landscaping project includes laying new sod or starting a garden, screened topsoil is ideal.  Screened topsoil is loose and allows for proper drainage.  Therefore, typical screened topsoil applications include:

  • Growing plants
  • Laying new sod
  • Growing grass from seeds

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Before you start your landscaping project in Edmonton, contact the team at Quality Landscaping Supplies.  Our team will work with you to ensure you have the correct topsoil for each aspect of your project.  Contact us today or call 780.488.8655 for your topsoil needs in Edmonton!

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