Spring Landscaping Maintenance Tips in Edmonton

It is hard to believe, but spring is right around the corner. After a long grueling winter, Edmontonians have a beautiful summer and fall season to look forward to. But before that happens, the dreaded spring cleaning must happen! If you are looking for a solid to-do list to help guide you through your yard spring cleaning, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will review some of the most critical yard maintenance items you should attend to in the spring. Getting these out of the way in the spring will help increase the look of your yard and allow you to sit back and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space until the next winter rolls around!

Here are some core items we suggest addressing this spring!

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1. Garden Bed Cleaning

Get your garden bed ready for ideal growing conditions by following a few simple steps! The first step is to remove all the old debris from your garden and flower beds. Debris includes twigs, leaves, dead plants, or old mulch. Once the area is clear, consider testing your soil. Consider adding a new layer of nutrient-rich screened topsoil in the spring. Getting your beds ready for spring planting will help your garden’s success!

2. Top up your Mulch

Mulching provides endless benefits to your landscaping. A new layer of mulch gives your flower beds a tremendously clean look, helping curb appeal. As mulch breaks down, it provides a wealth of nutrients for your soil. It also helps lock in moisture during the growing season and hot summer months. Adding a generous layer of mulch to your beds is a great way to freshen up your yard, but the timing is essential.

It would help if you waited a couple of weeks after the last frost to add mulch to your garden. This will help ensure that the temperature regulation of the soil is ideal for the planting season.

3. Inspect All Hardscaped and Landscaped Areas

Mulch and landscaping stone provide a ton of value to your landscaping project. Both offer a massive amount of curb appeal, and mulch provides the benefit of infusing additional nutrients into the soil. Once the snow has melted, complete a full audit of all your landscaping stonework. If you notice missing stones or bare areas, fill them up. Quality Landscaping supplies a wide variety of landscaping stones to meet your needs. We offer both pickup and delivery services.

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4. Weed control check & Edging

During your spring cleaning, always inspect the integrity of your landscaping fabric. Nothing can ruin a perfectly landscaped yard like weeds coming through the garden beds and along your edging. If you see holes or signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider replacing the weed control fabric. We supply everything you need for proper weed control, including robust commercial-grade weed control fabric.

5. Spring Lawn Care

Getting your lawn ready for the summer can be a big project. We recommend waiting on intense spring lawn care work until the ground is firm and dry. Doing lawn maintenance on wet, mushy grass can cause damage to the soil, grass, and roots. Once the ground is dry, we recommend dethatching, seeding, and aeration. Having a beautiful, lush lawn will help with the overall look of your beautifully landscaped yard!


The team at Quality Landscaping Supplies is here to help you achieve your perfect landscaped look. Whether you are making minor changes to your yard or embarking on a large landscaping project, we have everything you need!

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