The Top 5 Reasons to use Mulch for your Landscaping

Mulch is a versatile layer of organic material placed on top of the soil that Edmontonians commonly use in their landscapes. It has great aesthetic appeal while maintaining many benefits to your soil.

There are both organic and inorganic mulch options such as:



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Our top 5 reasons for using mulch

  1. Aesthetic Appeal
  2. Reduced Weeding
  3. Better Soil Health
  4. Deter Pests and Disease
  5. Retain Moisture in the Soil

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Mulch adds beauty, dimension, and depth to your landscape. Adding colours and texture can turn the bare areas of your yard into beautiful accents. By adding mulch, you can increase your curb appeal.

Much gives a clear definition of grass and garden beds. It provides a uniform, maintains the look and adds definition between your lawn and garden beds.

Some say mulch is like canvas, and the flowers are art. Your mulch creates a clean, crisp, uniform area where you can showcase your plants.

2. Reduced Watering

Mulch helps reduce the amount of water needed by holding moisture at the bottom of your plants. The porous nature of most mulch allows it to hold water that can keep your plants moist.

It also reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun. It keeps the soil cooler during summer.

Keeping all plants moist is crucial for their health, especially newly planted ones. They require even more moisture to establish a new bed, and mulch can help protect their roots. Dry soil causes dead or dying plants.

3. Better Soil Health

Mulch creates healthier soil conditions for your plants because as it decays, it feeds nutrients into the soil that your plants can use, similar to a composting effect. Like nature, dead organic material decays and living plants use nutrients to grow. You can have better soil for your garden beds just by using mulch!

When choosing mulch for the health of your soil, make sure to select an organic dye-free mulch that will not contaminate your soil. You can choose many aesthetic organic mulch materials, such as bark, wood chips, straw, grass clippings, pine needles, or shredded leaves.

4. Deter Pests and Disease

Mulch creates a physical barrier between the soil and your plant’s foliage. This barrier can prevent some soil-borne fungi from affecting your plants.

It also creates better air circulation around your plants. Airflow can prevent fungal diseases from gaining a hold on your plants. Diseases like mildew and black spot are far more common without mulch.

Insect pests can severely damage your plants as well. With a sound mulch barrier, you can limit the spread of insects, such as aphids, from plant to plant and give you a chance to eliminate them before they destroy your garden.

5. Retaining Moisture in the soil

Adding a protective layer of mulch to your garden beds protects the soil against evaporation from the sun. The benefits of more moist soil are apparent when looking at plants with mulch vs those without. The more moisture your plants have, the better their health.


The benefits of mulch are both aesthetic and functional. It creates an excellent environment for plant growth while giving your space increased curb value.

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