cheap landscaping hacks

What are some cheap landscaping hacks for your yard?

Look no further if you want to improve your landscaping on a budget! Many people in Edmonton want to enhance the look of their properties, make them more enjoyable and raise their property with improved landscaping.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive; you can use many cheap hacks to make a big difference in your property!

Here are our favourite tips:

  • Place mulch around your trees
  • Use boulders or large landscaping rocks as a focal point
  • Give your lawn a refresh with topsoil
  • Give your space a clean look with weed control fabric and aluminum landscaping edging
  • Create a simple path with crushed stone
Cedar Mulch

Place mulch around your trees

One of our favourite and inexpensive ways to give your space a well-maintained look is to create a circle around your trees with mulch.

Adding a ring of mulch around a young tree will insulate the soil from extreme temperatures, help it retain moisture, and prevent weeds from growing around the tree.

Not to mention mulch looks excellent, wears well and is all-natural!

Use boulders or large rocks as a focal point

One of the most remarkable and inexpensive ways to make your front lawn look incredible is to add a significant focal point boulder!

If your front lawn has a garden bed, shrubbed area, or treed area, adding a giant boulder will anchor the space making it look incredible. Large asymmetrical rocks naturally draw the eye and make a great place to put your address placard or a water feature.

Large rocks aren’t that expensive, usually around $0.25/lb. A large boulder could cost as little as $80.

Give your lawn a refresh with topsoil

Topsoil is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make your lawn look fabulous. It promotes root development in the grass by adding essential nutrients.

The other huge benefit of adding topsoil is that it levels your lawn. Every lawn experiences some erosion over time and adding a thin layer of topsoil evens it.

The best part of giving your lawn a refresh with topsoil?  It’s cheap! Around $24.00 per yard. You’ll only need a few yards to do a decent-sized lawn!

Landscaping Hacks

Give your space a clean look with weed control fabric and aluminum landscaping edging

Landscaping fabric makes a sturdy barrier that prevents most unwanted weeds and vegetation from growing. Landscapers often use it in areas around trees, shrub gardens, and hardscapes to prevent unwanted plants.

People also use it to prevent erosion on slopes, hardscapes, or anywhere with a downspout.

Aluminum edging is an excellent tool for keeping the borders of space in check.  Who likes weeding anyhow?

It is also super cheap. 4 X 100 Fabric(5 oz) $84.99

Create a simple path with crushed stone

Creating a simple path with crushed stone is a favourite secret of many landscapers. Crushed rocks are extremely easy to place as a path in areas of high traffic volume on your property.

Simply remove the grass and topsoil from the area you want to have a path and place the crushed stone!  Voila, you have a path!

If you want to get fancy add flat landscaping rocks to give it an even better look!

Crushed stone is easily affordable at $105/yard

Final Thoughts

Improving your landscaping is quickly done with a bit of labour and these cost-effective tips! Very little goes a long way when it comes to landscaping supplies in Edmonton.

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