Landscaping rock cost

What is the cost of landscaping rock in Edmonton?

Landscaping rock explained.

Landscaping rocks are a staple of most landscaping projects around Edmonton. People use rocks, stones, and gravel for many projects, such as driveways, landscaping, and retaining walls.  There are thousands of uses for landscaping rock materials.  Landscaping rock is sold by the yard, by the bag, or in some cases by the lb.

Landscaping rocks cost from $90/yd to $295/yd.

In this guide, we will explain

  • Washed Rock
  • Alberta Rainbow Rock
  • Riprap
  • Decorative Stone
  • Limestone
  • Shale
  • Specialty Rock

Check out our guide about Landscaping Rock Options!

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    Washed Rock

    Washed Rock

    Washed rock goes through a process of scrubbing that removes all debris, making it just clean rock. Many Edmontonians commonly use washed rock for driveways, pathways, drainage, weed control, erosion control, or mulch substrate.  Another type of washed rock is pea gravel which landscapers use in dozens of applications due to its versatility. Pea gravel makes great foundation, drainage, pathways, driveways, weed control, pond materials, and even aquariums!

    Washed rock can cost anywhere from $95 / yard to $105 / yard, depending on what type of rock.

    Different types of washed rock and their relative costs per yard:

    • Pea Gravel $105
    • Washed Rock $90
    Rainbow Rock

    Alberta Rainbow Rock / River Rock

    Rainbow rock is a type of decorative river rock with various colours ranging from grey, blue, pink, and purple. It is a favourite decorative rock of many homeowners due to its high aesthetic look. River rock is a rock you would commonly find in Albertan rivers. It has earth tones with a blend of lighter colours.

    Rainbow Rock and River rock can range from $105-$125 / Yard

    • Alberta Rainbow $109-$125
    • White Rock $105
    • AB River Rock $110


    Riprap, also known as rip rap,  shot rock, rock armour, or rubble, is human-placed rock or other material used to protect shoreline structures against scour and water, wave, or ice erosion.

    These rocks are between 1.5” and 12”

    • 4″-12″ Fieldstone Rock $125
    • 2″ – 4″ Rainbow Rock $110
    • 5” Creekstone $104
    Decorative Stones

    Decorative Stone

    Decorative landscaping stones are larger stones that accentuate an area of your landscape. You can use them for your garden pathways, patio surfaces, stepping stones, walkways, garden accents, water features, planter walls, garden steps, entry porches, swimming pool decks, gazebos and even just as decorative accents.

    Decorative stones cost between $0.25/lb to $0.55/lb.

    • Fieldstone $0.25 / lb.
    • Slate $0.55 / lb.
    • Bella Mountain Rock $0.40 / lb.


    Limestone is known for its durability and striking white colour, which makes it fit in many landscapes. The most common application of limestone is making pathways. Crushed limestone gravel is inexpensive and makes for an attractive, natural-looking, durable walking surface. Paths made of large limestone pavers are also popular.

    Limestone costs from $119 / yard to $130 / yard, depending on the size.

    • 3/8″ Minus Limestone $119.00
    • 1″ Limestone $130
    • 2” Limestone $130
    • 3-6” Limestone $130
    • 3-4” Midnight Blue Limestone $130
    Shale Rock

    Specialty Rock

    There are many other types of less common rocks used in Edmonton Landscaping.  From lava rocks to rocks with unique looks.

    Specialty rocks can range in price from $165 / yard to $295 / yard

    • Lava Rock $210
    • 1 ½” Rundle Rock $199
    • Rundle Dust $165
    • 1 ½” California Rainbow $239
    • Purple Speckle $295

    There are many landscaping rock options available in Edmonton with different costs. Consult a professional at Quality Landscaping supplies to get a suitable rock for your landscape!

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