Which are the Best Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards?

Front yards often don’t get the love they deserve. Still, the truth is that they set the tone for the entire property and can have a telling influence on your relationship with the home. Therefore, finding the best landscaping ideas to achieve curb appeal and maximize your love of the house should be a priority for all homeowners in Edmonton and beyond.

Whether calling a reputable contractor or taking the DIY route, these landscaping ideas should provide ample inspiration for modest and larger properties alike.

Emphasize the walkway

The walkway is one of the most essential for a successful front yard design. Size certainly matters. If it’s too wide, it could easily be confused for a driveway. It loses any real impact and feels like a basic path if it’s too narrow.

In most cases, aiming for a width where two people could walk side by side is about right. While gravel and cedar chips often get used, large stepping stones and pavers can create a low-maintenance solution. The walkway can be emphasized further by using trees, hedges, or other eye-catching items that lead up to the property and establish a smooth transition.

Add colour with flower beds

Bold, blooming flowers can inject energy into your front yard, and colour schemes should be a priority. Bring luxury tones and an air of simplicity to the external spaces with Annabelle hydrangeas, or use pink columbine to build an inviting vibe.

Try to stay moderate by adding only a few flowers to the front. Stick to groups of no more than four flower types while incorporating evergreens, grasses, and shrubs for year-long structure and beauty. A single hanging basket near the entrance to the home itself can take the welcoming touch to greater heights.

Create a lush lawn

Simplicity is often king, and there is no substitute for a lush green lawn. The way it catches the light and promotes natural vibes brings a touch of tranquility while further supporting the welcoming aura you wish to create for your family and guests.

It is always worth putting the groundwork in as this will enable you to enjoy the front yard for years to come. Quality Landscaping Supplies can provide the topsoils and the strongest foundation for your front yard. The yard will continue to shine if you stay on top of the maintenance with a ‘little and often’ approach.

Have a feature tree

Even if the space is relatively modest, you can find room for one tree. It can become a significant point of interest, especially when surrounded by flowers that thrive in the shade. Alternatively, bark and rocks can deliver a source of interest without going overboard.

A feature tree can get surrounded by rocks or a low wall in a circular shape for a soft and inviting appeal. A combination of rounded features and geometric-shaped flower beds can create a stunning request. Once again, avoiding using too many flowers while various seasonal and perennials can work wonders.

Consider a patio

While patios are primarily an addition to the backyard, they can certainly add a sense of grandeur to the front yard design. They can be one of the brightest landscaping ideas for properties that attract afternoon sunlight from the front or a long way from the main street.

If the property is a little closer to the street, you can maintain privacy with hedges, walls, or a pergola. Incorporating 2-3 steps from the walkway up to the patio can take the atmosphere to another level while overcoming the challenges of uneven terrain within the front yard area. A minor waterfall feature is another option to consider.

Use layered lighting

The benefits of layered lighting are three-fold. Aesthetics, Function, and Security.

Aesthetically, it can draw the eyes to special features, whether foliage or the path along your walkway. An increased sense of grandeur is virtually guaranteed.

From a functional perspective, walkway lighting has clear benefits. At the same time, a front yard patio can encourage you to use it more often. It builds an inviting and warm atmosphere for your family and guests.

The extra visibility can be an excellent deterrent for burglars. The increased sense of safety and security makes it one of the best landscaping ideas.

Utilize the boundaries

Finally, you must not forget to brighten up the backdrops of your perimeter boundaries. Stone walls, cedar fence panels, or ideas that contrast the beautiful plants can work well, and the materials can get used for planters for consistency.

A chic iron gate and brickwork pillars can add security and elegance. At the same time, they can also fit in with the architecture of the building to promote a smooth transition that gives the whole front yard landscape a sense of organization. Regardless of the flowers, stone features, patio, or framing of the front entrance, the boundaries of your space will deliver the perfect finish.

Ultimately, you need to work with the available space and within the context of your home’s architectural properties. To find out more, call our experts today.

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